Ferret is an application within the MOOSE framework. To build and use Ferret you will need to build MOOSE. It might be a good idea to learn a few things about MOOSE, too.

Generally, you will clone Ferret this way:

git clone

Once MOOSE is built, Ferret can usually be built simply as

cd <ferret>
make METHOD=opt MOOSE_DIR=<moose>


make METHOD=opt MOOSE_DIR=<moose> -j 4

to make the compile go faster.

Here <ferret> is the location of the Ferret clone, and <moose> is the MOOSE clone. Naturally, use an appropriate METHOD -- one of those that was used to build MOOSE (e.g., dbg or opt).

If libMesh is built in a non-standard location (i.e., NOT built inside the MOOSE tree using the <moose>/scripts/ then LIBMESH_DIR also has to be set:

make METHOD=opt MOOSE_DIR=<moose> LIBMESH_DIR=<libmesh>

NOTE: The ./configure step can alternatively include a BOOST directory which will allow compile of MOOSE objects with mathematical special functions.

Who do I talk to?

  • The following people are contributors to the Ferret project and can be reached by email for help:

  • John Mangeri (

  • Serge Nakhmanson (
  • Olle Heinonen (
  • Lukasz Kuna (

Manual or Tutorials?

  • A semi-updated tutorial and manual exists but is not in the repository at the present time due to its status as work-in-progress. If you would like a copy of it, please contact one of the contributors.

MOOSE can be found at


  • If you have an idea for some ferroelectric materials problem and would like to add it to the repository, then please submit a pull request to the devel branch with the relevant information. Generally, to submit a pull request, you should fork Ferret, type git checkout devel, git fetch origin, git rebase origin/devel, then make the changes/additions and a commit message, type git push. Then submit the pull request on the page (the next steps will be handled automatically).
  • At the moment, please cite Nanoscale, 2017, 9, 1616-1624 if you use Ferret. A methods paper is currently in the works.
  • We have a google group now!!forum/ferret-users/new