# pseudohkoo

Much as I actually enjoy writing documentation, unusual I know, I have a hard
time writing it during a project. Tsk.

Pseudohkoo is yet another Sudoku solver written in Clojure. It is not intended
to be used in a production environment, but fair play if you do. It's merely a
way for me to get more practice with Clojure outside the London Clojure Dojo.

One thing to note is that the only algorithm I have seen for solving Sudoku
puzzles involved, get this, signal processing. There was some hardcore maths
involved. I like maths, but even I felt nauseous at the equations.

I have deliberately avoided researching the subject, but this is an attempt to
implement the loose set of techniques I use to solve these puzzles. From what
I have gathered, they are close to the typical methods used by others.

Two rules for the work were 1) only use the standard Clojure API and 2) no
mutable state i.e. I have to think functionally. The first is easy, the
second is hard because I don't tend to think in terms of immutable state.

## Usage

Figure it out yourself. I had to ;-)

## Installation

I really wouldn't bother.

## License

Copyright (C) 2011 John Chandler

Distributed under the MIT License.