John Chandler avatar John Chandler committed 693d3e3

Tweaked again - made it so we can override the file reader for tests or unscrupulous users

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     def __init__( self, parser ):
         self.hierarchy = {}
         self.parser    = parser
+        self.reader    = _read_file  # created so we can override the reader in tests
     def add( self, directory ):
         """ Takes a (dirpath, dirs, files) tuple (e.g. as returned by os.walk)
         dirpath, _, files = directory
         for filepath in [ os.path.join( dirpath, x ) for x in files if x.endswith(".php") ]:    
-            self.hierarchy[ filepath ] = self.parser.parse( _read_file(filepath) )
+            self.hierarchy[ filepath ] = self.parser.parse( self.reader(filepath) )
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