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-  <h4>Welcome</h4>
+  <h4>From Couch-to-5K to Half Marathon</h4>
-<p>This is the running view.</p>
+    Like many people, I hated running at school. I couldn't do anything over 100m, but I was very good at that distance
+    - except I didn't enjoy it and no amount of pleading by sports teachers would encourage me to go competitive.
+    I'd been toying with taking up running for a few years as a way to improve my fitness without having to go to a
+    gym. Gyms remind me too much of school sports. In 2012, I made a (completely sober) boast about doing a half
+    marathon to impress someone down the pub. The next day I realised what I had said, but this time I did some asking
+    around about my chances... and the next thing I knew, I was working through an 8 week Couch to 5K (C25K)
+    programme.
+    From 5km, I went to 10km and then eyed up the half marathon goal as a realistic possibility. One year after I took
+    up running, I completed my first 21.1km event: the NSPCC Milton Keynes Half Marathon. I completed my second in May
+    2014, running to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, smashing my time by 8 minutes to finish with a
+    time of 2h 07m 17s. I want to do more, and would seriously consider going for a marathon, if I could figure out
+    how to fit in the training.
+<h4>Barefoot, Minimal, Chi-Running</h4>
+    One of the best bits of advice I had when I started was to take a look at minimal running shoes. I read up on the
+    subject and decided that if I was to take the advice, I had to do it straight away rather than make the (often
+    painful) switch in the future. I'd love to run fully barefoot, but the routes around here are not ideal - maybe one
+    day? I run in VivoBarefoot Ultras, which are very thin, lightweight and incredibly comfortable. I don't have to
+    worry about blisters, itchy socks, or wet feet.
+    I don't actually practice Chi-Running (don't let the slightly new-agey name put you off), but I took on board some
+    of the techniques when pushing myself beyond 10km distances. I used a slightly adapted version of one of the CR
+    half marathon programmes successfully for both races, so there's something to it.