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         <a href="" class="image featured"><img src="images/pic01.jpg" alt="" /></a>
-            <h2 class="alt">This is <strong>Prologue</strong>. A <a href="">free</a>, fully responsive<br />
-            site template by <a href="">HTML5 UP</a>.</h2>
+            <h2 class="alt">Welcome to my world.</h2>
-        <p>Ligula scelerisque justo sem accumsan diam quis. Vitae natoque dictum
-        etiam semper magnis enim feugiat convallis convallis egestas rhoncus ridiculus
-        in quis risus curabitur tempor. Orci penatibus quisque laoreet condimentum
-        sollicitudin accumsan elementum.</p>
-        <footer>
-            <a href="#portfolio" class="button scrolly">Magna Aliquam</a>
-        </footer>
+        <p>
+            Apologies if you were expecting a website dedicated to Neal Stephenson's book "Snow Crash". It's one of my
+            favourite books, but is not the subject of this site.
+        </p>