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LinkGrammar is a sentence parsing system developed at Carnegie Mellon University by John Lafferty, Daniel Sleator, Davy Temperley and others

LinkGrammar is written in C. This package contains a Pythonic interface to the C library.

Sourcecode is hosted on BitBucket: https://www.bitbucket.org/metametrics/pylinkgrammar/


You'll need to build and install linkgrammar before running setup.py. Verified to work with linkgrammar 4.7.6 and above.

On Ubuntu systems you install the dependencies like so:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:python-pylinkgrammar/getsome
sudo apt-get install liblink-grammar4

Then to install pylinkgrammar:

pip install pylinkgrammar

How to use

Parsing simple sentences:

>>> from pylinkgrammar.linkgrammar import Parser
>>> p = Parser()
>>> linkages = p.parse_sent("This is a simple sentence.")
>>> len(linkages)
>>> print linkages[0].diagram

        |              +--------Ost-------+     |
        |              |  +-------Ds------+     |
        +---Wd---+-Ss*b+  |     +----A----+     |
        |        |     |  |     |         |     |
    LEFT-WALL this.p is.v a simple.a sentence.n .