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Timothy Laurent
created an issue

We have been working off of a branch. There have been some minor fixes (such as the JAMA User-agent work) and more recently I rewrote the Crossref package to use the new crossref api at on our end.

The initial version freeze was motivate to promote stability on a codebase we weren't all too familiar with, but I think the time has come to start thinking about catching up with the main repo.

This is just to open the conversation on how best to do this. I will soon start a new branch and try to prepare our branch for merging with this project.

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  1. Naomi Most

    Hey Tim -- this is awesome. It's taking me a little extra time this month to get everything done, so I hope we can still work on this.

    Really excited to hear about the CrossRef API rework and JAMA user agent fixes.

    So, about merging the codebases: the Good news is that the major new features and changes shouldn't affect anything you're currently doing... as far as I know. The bad news is that it's of course been over a year since I worked on things at Invitae, so I can't confidently say I really know what really lies in store for you. :)

    I can promise to be as responsive as I can as you go through the process.

    Very happy to receive questions and feedback on what's in any part of the code.

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