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  1. Alan Rubin

I wanted to display references with HTML text formatting for a Django project, so I added a citation_html property and made a few changes to the how the citation property is formatted.

  • starting work on v0.4.4 to remove cachedir config (eutils no longer supports it)
  • Removed comma separator between author last name and initials because it also inserts a comma betweens words in consortium names (see PMID:12466850).

    A proper fix will require looking at a list of author objects and handling consortia separately using the collective_name attribute.

  • Updated citation docstring because PMID is not included in the citation.

  • Switched from volume_issue to volume in citation.

    This seems to be more standard across biological journal styles and is consistent with the docstring.

  • Author string for authors now joined with “ and “ instead of comma-separated.

  • Added a citation_html property that returns the citation (with no DOI) as a string with HTML text formatting tags.

    “et al” and journal/book titles are italicized. Journal volume is bolded.

  • Add the ‘.’ at the end of ‘et al.’ if it appears in the book editor field.

  • Removed test_configurable_cachedir test that fails because cachedir is no longer supported.

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