A Buildout recipe for pulling a Mercurial repository.

This is a fork of the MercurialRecipe package with an additional feature.

On a version update or configuration tweak Buildout is greedy, sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling parts you don't want it to. Being on the receiving end of Buildout trashing an existing repository because of it can be painful. This recipe adds an overwrite option which ensures that Buildout will leave those repositories safe and intact.

Example Recipe

recipe = hgrecipe
repository = https://me@bitbucket.org/jezdez/django-dbtemplates
overwrite = true

recipe = hgrecipe
repository = https://me@bitbucket.org/dont-delete-this-unless-i-say-so

Recipe Options

The url of the repository to clone.
The location to clone the repository to. Defaults to the Buildout parts directory.
Whether to pull the latest version of the repository on a Buildout. Value of true or false. Defaults to true.
Whether to overwrite an existing repository at the value of location and whether to remove repository when recipe is uninstalled. Defaults to false.

Sandbox Installation

Run the following commands to run a demo of this package.

$ hg clone http://bitbucket.org/prestontimmons/hgrecipe
$ cd hgrecipe
$ python bootstrap.py
$ bin/buildout
$ bin/python hgrecipe/tests.py