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 Enhance ropemacs
-ropemacs can be enhanced very much and many of rope's features can be
+Ropemacs_ can be enhanced very much and many of rope's features can be
 added to it.  Any help is welcome.
-A New GUI
+.. _ropemacs: http://rope.sf.net/ropemacs.html
-Right now rope uses Tkinter for its GUI.  But Tkinter, as many have
-complained about, looks very bad and is not suitable for writing an
-IDE.  The UI parts of rope, ie. `rope.ui` package, is a layer on top
-of other core parts of rope.  When I started rope I hoped that someday
-the IDE and UI parts of rope (`rope.ui` and `rope.ide` packages) would
-be developed by other developers and I still do hope so.  So if you're
-interested in working on GUI/IDE part of rope using something like
-`pygtk` or `wxPython` you're welcome.
+Write Plugins For Other IDEs
+See ropemacs_ and Ropeide_.
+.. _ropeide: http://rope.sf.net/ropeide.html

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- rope
-``a python refactoring library ...``
   * Mercurial_ support in refactorings
   * SVN support in refactorings using pysvn_ library
-* Code-assists
+* IDE helpers
   * Auto-completion
-  * Goto definition
-  * Quick outline
-  * Show PyDoc
-  * Proposing templates in completions
+  * Definition location
+  * Get PyDoc
   * Find occurrences
   * Import tools
     * Expand ``from ... import *`` imports
   * Generating python elements
-  * Sorting scopes
 * Object Inference
   * Stored object information validation
+For more information see `overview.txt`_.
+.. _overview.txt: overview.html
 .. _pysvn: http://pysvn.tigris.org
 .. _Mercurial: http://selenic.com/mercurial
-.. _pymacs: http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/~pinard/pymacs/