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This repository is split into the archive (pkg) and the working structure of the current release (working).

Active testing is done on Ubuntu-12.04 and SGE6 on MetrumRG's parallel framework, Metworx.

Like the familiar lapply function, qapply applies a function to each element of the first argument and returns a list; it does so via grid engine, however, allowing for simple implementation of embarrassingly parallel execution.

In general, you will:

qapply( <Vector>, FUN, nCores=N)

As of version 1.39, qapply is system ambiguous. Users may pass grid=FALSE to run outside of grid aware environments.


The easiest way to grab the current version is through R::devtools:

install_bitbucket("metrumrg/qapply",subdir = "working/qapply")

User guide

You can find the user guide, discussing the use of this and parallel::mclapply here


An archive of releases is available here.