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Please consider the following questions before you start writing your bug report.

  • Has this issue been reported before?
  • Are you sure it's not an user error?
  • Are you really sure it's not an user error?

Issues that are duplicates of other bug reports will be marked as invalid and ignored.


Please answer the following questions in your bug report:

  • What did you do to produce the issue?
  • How can you reproduce the issue?
  • Which plugins are you using?

The more thorough you are with describing, the more likely it gets for us to find the cause of your issue.


Add the IDE's log as an attachment. It's located in a directory named bin in the folder where you extracted the files from the archive to. Issues without a log are less likely to be resolved.


  • Please set the priority of your issue according to how big the impact on the overall experience is. If you experience a very specific issue that rarely happens, please use trivial or minor. If - for example - the IDE crashes whenever you type something, use critical or blocker. We reserve the right to adjust the priority.
  • The milestone is the version in which you'd like this issue to be resolved in.
  • The version is the version you experienced the issue in.

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