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In Ubuntu you can install the above using the following commands:

sudo aptitude install ffmpeg cython

tar -xf FFVideo-0.0.9.tar.gz
cd FFVideo-0.0.9
python setup.py install


sudo aptitude install ffmpeg python-pip
pip install ffvideo

How to use

Getting thumnails or videostream info

from ffvideo import VideoStream

def print_info(vs):
    print '-' * 20
    print "codec: %s" % vs.codec_name
    print "duration: %.2f" % vs.duration
    print "frame size: %dx%d" % (vs.frame_width, vs.frame_height)
    print "frame_mode: %s" % vs.frame_mode

vs = VideoStream('0.flv')

vs = VideoStream('0.flv',
                 frame_size=(128, None), # scale to width 128px
                 frame_mode='L') # convert to grayscale

frame = vs.get_frame_at_sec(2)
print frame.size

# PIL image, required installed PIL

# numpy.ndarray, required installed numpy
print frame.ndarray().shape

Iterating over frame sequence

from ffvideo import VideoStream

for frame in VideoStream('0.flv'):
    print frame.timestamp
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