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extended paste.script.command.Command.challenge to ask for multiple options
returned as a list of lines

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                 return response[0].lower() == 'y'
             print 'Y or N please'
-    def challenge(self, prompt, default=NoDefault, should_echo=True):
+    def challenge(self, prompt, default=NoDefault, should_echo=True, multi=False):
         Prompt the user for a variable.
+        in multi-mode, default will be ignored
+        responses = []
         if default is not NoDefault:
             prompt += ' [%r]' % default
         prompt += ': '
+        first = True
         while 1:
             if should_echo:
                 prompt_method = raw_input
                 prompt_method = getpass.getpass
-            response = prompt_method(prompt).strip()
+            if first:    
+                response = prompt_method(prompt).strip()
+                first = False
+            else:
+                response = prompt_method(' '*len(prompt)).strip()
             if not response:
-                if default is not NoDefault:
+                if default is not NoDefault and not multi:
                     return default
-                    continue
+                    return responses
-                return response
+                if multi:
+                    responses.append(response)
+                else:
+                    return response
     def pad(self, s, length, dir='left'):
         if len(s) >= length:
       "Framework :: Paste",
     keywords='web wsgi setuptools framework command-line setup',
-    author="Ian Bicking",
-    author_email="",
+    author="Ian Bicking, Matthias Felsche",
+    author_email=", mfelsche@net",
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