shaib avatar shaib committed 46026c6

Fix bugs in test fix
forgot to allow null instead of a default,
left an extra argument for command,
messed up transactions

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             ('eggs', models.IntegerField()),
         # Change spam default
-        db.alter_column("test_altercd", "spam", models.CharField(max_length=30, default="loof"))
+        db.alter_column("test_altercd", "spam", models.CharField(max_length=30, default="loof", null=True))
         # Assert the default is not in the database
         db.execute("INSERT INTO test_altercd (eggs) values (12)")
         null = db.execute("SELECT spam FROM test_altercd")[0][0]
             statement = "insert into test_datetime_def (col0,%s) values (null,%%s,%%s)" % cols
-                db.execute, statement, [None, end_of_world, end_of_world]
+                db.execute, statement, [end_of_world, end_of_world]
+        db.start_transaction() # To preserve the sanity and semantics of this test class
     def test_add_unique_fk(self):
         Test adding a ForeignKey with unique=True or a OneToOneField
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