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Added Keyboard Interrupt to Client, which sends a 'quit' message to the Server. This closes the Connection and shutsdown the Client socket.

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 .. serves as the documentation of the directory.
+To Do
+Prototype for asynchronous plotting with separate processes using sockets
+Still Needs:
+* socket buffer overflow (recv)
+* cleanup thread and socket command line termination
+* error handling. ex. when a client disconnects then server listen continues, network errors
+* hard coded ports - put args.
+* multiple clients (plotting)
 Async Plotter


 import socket
 import cPickle
 class Plot(object):
     def __init__(self):
         from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
         r"""Overload this to effect the actual drawing.  All arguments must be
         pickelable.  This will be called on the client"""
         raise NotImplementedError
     def update(self, *v, **kw):
         r"""Call this with the same arguments required by the overloaded draw
         method.  This will be called on the server."""
                 self.args = None
                 print "Send plot data"
             elif not data or data.startswith("quit"):
+                print "Received 'quit' message from Client"
+        print "close client connection"
         print "Done"
     def update(self, *v, **kw):
         self.args = (v, kw)
 class Client(object):
     def __init__(self, Plot, host='localhost', port=9999):
         print "Trying to connect to port %i..." % (self.port,)
         sock.connect((, self.port))
         print "Connected to port %i." % (self.port,)
+        BUF_SIZE = 4096
         while True:
-            sock.send('get')
-            data = sock.recv(4096)
-            v, kw = cPickle.loads(data)
-            self.plot.draw(*v, **kw)
+            try:
+                sock.send('get')
+                data = sock.recv(BUF_SIZE)
+                print "data from Server is %i bytes long." % (len(data),)
+                v, kw = cPickle.loads(data)
+                self.plot.draw(*v, **kw)
+            except KeyboardInterrupt:
+                sock.send('quit')
+                print "Sent 'quit' to Server."
+                break
+        print "close client socket and shutdown. "
+        sock.close()
+        sock.shutdown(1)
 if __name__ == '__main__':