.. -*- rst -*- -*- restructuredtext -*- .. This file should be written using the restructure text .. conventions. It will be displayed on the bitbucket source page and .. serves as the documentation of the directory. ================================= Exploring Typography with LaTeX ================================= This project was inspired by the book `Explorations in Typography`_. I use a modified form of the geometry_ package to allow one to change the page size mid -document, thereby allowing one to explore different layouts and typographic choices in a single document (this may require pdfLaTeX). Examples of layout design currently include: `The Elements of Typographic Style`_ : Robert Bringhurst Examples of the chapter and layout matching in particular the first page of chapter 3. Also, the geometric form of the page layout is demonstrated and computed with a small python script. (I have not yet found a way of computing/constructing the layout using TikZ_ or metapost_. Does such a construction exist?) This uses the Minion Pro font, but presently requires XeLaTeX. (In principle one can generate the metrics and use this with LaTeX but this requires a non-trivial amount of work.) `Explorations in Typography`_ : Carolina de Bartolo with Erik Spiekermann Example from chapter 6. Here is the result of typesetting the document with XeLaTeX using `latexmk` (the result will be placed in the `_build` directory): `PDF Example`_ ============== This project is just in the exploratory stage with several hacks. Eventually I hope to roll the page-changing parts back into the geometry_ package, and separate the rest. Please feel free to make suggestions, add layouts, or fix the code (just fork the project on bitbucket, play with it, and make a Pull Request if you have something I should add to the repository.) .. _Explorations in Typography: .. _The Elements of Typographic Style: \ .. _geometry: .. _TikZ: .. _metapost: .. _PDF Example: \