README for gobo

This is a simple super repository that uses the mercurial Subrepositories facility to manage two related project: gobo_install and gobo_recipes.

  • gobo_install: This is the main project which provides an easy way of installing the Gobo Rootless environment which is best thought of as a minimal Linux distribution you can install in your home directory without root access. This provides a source-file based package management system for installing many packages (with dependency management) and some very useful tools for writing simple recipes for install packages that are not part of the distribution.
  • gobo_recipes: This project contains my version of recipes: some of these are modifications of the versions provided by Gobo Linux (which has a somewhat different focus of providing a complete Linux distribution) and for software not part of Gobo yet. You probably don't need this yet as most recipes will be downloaded directly from Gobo. If you can't find what you need in the Gobo Recipes, then take a look here.

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