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README for gobo_recipes

This package contains my versions Recipes for GoboLinux_.

Further Information
I use this in relationship with by **gobo_install** application in a
Rootless environment (but the Recipes should be general).  I also have
a super-repository **gobo** that includes both this **gobo_recipes**
project and the **gobo_install** project:

* http://bitbucket.org/mforbes/gobo
* http://bitbucket.org/mforbes/gobo_recipes
* http://bitbucket.org/mforbes/gobo_install

Details about the general Gobo Linux distribution can be found here:

* http://www.gobolinux.org/

A list of available recipes can be found here:

* http://recipes.gobolinux.org/r/

Instructions for writing recipes and the Recipe format can be found here:

* http://gobo.kundor.org/wiki/Writing_Recipes
* http://gobo.kundor.org/wiki/Recipe_format_specification

.. _GoboLinux: http://www.gobolinux.org/