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UBC Thesis Class


You can either put the sources in your texmf tree or just place the appropriate class in your working directory for your project. To facilitate this, the directory texmf-local contains the directories that should be linked to:

<your texmf-local directory>/tex/latex/

For example, on my Mac with texlive I link the texmf-local/ubcthesis_new directory to:



The following LaTeX packages contain ideas or variants on style relevant to this work.

  • KOMA: An alternative set of documentclasses with much more customizable layout. I am exploring this in the koma directory.
  • classicthesis: A Bringhurst inspired style for layout base on the KOMA scripts. This has heavily influenced my design.
  • arsclassica: A different take on classicthesis.
  • memoir: A different approach to customizable style based on the standard LaTeX classes, but bundling many useful packages together. This is a good place to look, but I prefer the KOMA approach and classicthesis style, so I have abandoned my attempts at using this.
  • MemoirChapStyles: Some chapter styles using the memoirs package.

The following packages might be of use for dealing with font choice:

  • mathdesign: Some customized fonts to pair with utopia, garamond, and bitstream charter.