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Hilbert Class Polynomial

This is an application deployable on Google App Engine (GAE).
The application returns the coefficients of Hilbert class
polynomial for requested discriminant in JSON form.
That's all.

It is currently hosted on:


We open its source to help similar projects providing open
access to mathematical database which stores results of massive
heavy (in the sense that retrieving data from the Net is faster)


First of all, you need Python and GAE SDK.

Once you have set up GAE SDK, you can run or modify the application
hilbert-class-polynomial as you like.  Note that you can not upload
the application unless you choose a new application name (and set 
it to app.yaml), since the name "hilbert-class-polynomial" is
already used (by the author, of course).

hilbert-class-polynomial_upload is for bulk upload scripts.  It is
not an application.

License & Copyright

You can use this program freely.  See LICENSE file for more details.