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Mercurial is a fast, easy to use, distributed revision control tool for software developers.

Basic install:

$ make # see install targets $ make install # do a system-wide install $ hg debuginstall # sanity-check setup $ hg # see help

Running without installing:

$ make local # build for inplace usage $ ./hg --version # should show the latest version

See for detailed installation instructions, platform-specific notes, and Mercurial user information.

Recent activity

Katsunori FUJIWARA

Katsunori FUJIWARA pushed 295 commits to mg/hg-i18n

e259d4c - tests: use TESTTMP instead of TESTDIR
bc56ec9 - hg: introduce "wirepeersetupfuncs" to setup wire peer by extensions (issue4109)
6eb5531 - templater: raise error for unknown func
8a6a86c - bundle2: support bundling of empty part (with a type)
dfad9bb - revsetbenchmark: add a summary at the end of execution
Wagner Bruna

Wagner Bruna pushed 32 commits to mg/hg-i18n

9fe5782 - contrib/Makefile.python: build local Python from source
16c643f - tests: use small conditional section for tic requirement in test-status-color.t
a05d31b - import-checker: show stdlib and relative imports separately
54235a6 - tests: improved test coverage for HTTP authentication and 401 responses
c499fff - tests: ignore http tests that are known wontfix failures on python 2.4
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