Matt Mackall avatar Matt Mackall committed 0027a5c

summary: add missing space for updated active bookmark display

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                 ui.write(' *' + current, label='bookmarks.current')
-                ui.write('[%s]' % current, label='bookmarks.current')
+                ui.write(' [%s]' % current, label='bookmarks.current')
         for m in marks:
             ui.write(' ' + m, label='log.bookmark')
         ui.write('\n', label='log.bookmark')


   parent: 2:db815d6d32e6 
   branch: default
-  bookmarks:[Z] Y x  y
+  bookmarks: [Z] Y x  y
   commit: 1 added, 1 unknown (new branch head)
   update: 2 new changesets (update)
   $ hg update
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