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merge: remove "case" comments

The comments introduced in f05c182430a0 seems important ... but the context has
apparently been lost and they do not have any value now.

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             f2 = movewithdir[f]
             act("remote renamed directory to " + f2, "d", f, None, f2,
-        elif f in copy: # case 2 A,B/B/B or case 4,21 A/B/B
+        elif f in copy:
             f2 = copy[f]
             act("local copied/moved to " + f2, "m", f, f2, f, False)
         elif f in ma: # clean, a different, no remote
         elif f in copy:
             f2 = copy[f]
-            if f2 in m2: # rename case 1, A/A,B/A
+            if f2 in m2:
                 act("remote copied to " + f, "m",
                     f2, f, f, False)
-            else: # case 3,20 A/B/A
+            else:
                 act("remote moved to " + f, "m",
                     f2, f, f, True)
         elif f not in ma: