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Prepare for release 0.5.2

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+Version 0.5.2 (2010/06/09)
+ - fixed issue #1: untranslated_entries() also show fuzzy message,
+ - write back the fuzzy header if present in the pofile,
+ - added support for previous msgctxt, previous msgid and previous msgid_plural comments (fixes issue #5),
+ - better handling of lines wrapping.
 Version 0.5.1 (2009/12/14)
  - fixed issue #0025: setup.py requires CHANGELOG but it's not present in polib-0.5.0-tar.gz
 __author__    = 'David JEAN LOUIS <izimobil@gmail.com>'
-__version__   = '0.5.1'
+__version__   = '0.5.2'
 __all__       = ['pofile', 'POFile', 'POEntry', 'mofile', 'MOFile', 'MOEntry',
                  'detect_encoding', 'escape', 'unescape', 'detect_encoding',]
 __author__   = 'David Jean Louis <izimobil@gmail.com>'
-__version__  = '0.5.1'
+__version__  = '0.5.2'
 from distutils.core import setup
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