Teaching Assistant Helper

The tah script can send out personalized hand-in reminders based on a simple YAML file describing the students and the status of their hand-ins (accepted, rejected, not received).

The file looks like this:

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

course: CS101
ta: Martin Geisler
email: mg@cs.au.dk
handins: 6


Søren Sørensen:
  email: soeren@example.net
  handins: [True, True, False, ~, True]

Jens Jensen:
  email: jens@example.net
  handins: [True, True, True, False]

The file consists of two YAML documents. The first describes the course itself and the TA, the second holds information about the students. For each student, the handins entry is a list where True means that the hand-in was accepted, False means that it was rejected, and ~ indicates a missing hand-in (this is only necessary if there is a gap in the hand-ins received --- the lists are padded with ~ at the end).

Run tah with --dry-run to see the mails it will send out, and run it again without the option to actually send the mails.

Bug reports and patches are welcome at: http://bitbucket.org/mg/tah/