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+Warnings and Errors
+While testing RhodeCode, several tracebacks and warnings were
+Genuine Warnings and Errors
+While a regular user can grant other users access to one of his own
+repositories, he cannot remove users again. If he tries, a warning is
+logged by RhodeCode::
+  2011-11-09 12:52:33.255 WARNI [rhodecode.lib.auth] Permission denied
+  for <rhodecode.controllers.admin.repos.ReposController object at
+  0xc9aad10> <AuthUser('id:3:alice|True')>
+and the users gets a popup with the message::
+  Failed to remove user
+It looks like this is just not implemented yet.
+Spurious Warnings and Errors
+When a repository is accessed because a client clones, pulls, pushes
+Warnings like::
+  2011-11-09 11:54:00.875 WARNI [rhodecode.lib.auth] Permission denied
+  for <AuthUser('id:3:alice|True')> @ access admin main page
+occur frequently in the log output when the site is browsed by a
+non-admin user. This is a harmless warning raised internally simply
+because the code is checking if ``alice`` is an admin user. The
+warnings often come three at a time.
+Some normal actions trigger errors (with a traceback) in the log
+output. As an example, adding the same user twice to the same
+repository fails as expected, but the log file has a spurious
+  2011-11-09 12:16:44.923 ERROR [rhodecode.controllers.settings]
+  Traceback (most recent call last):
+    ...
+  IntegrityError: (IntegrityError) columns user_id, repository_id are
+  not unique u'INSERT INTO repo_to_perm (user_ id, permission_id,
+  repository_id) VALUES (?, ?, ?)' (3, 3, 5)
+Since the error is not handled explicitly, the user sees a generic
+error message in the browser::
+  error occurred during update of repository test
+This should improve with future versions of RhodeCode.