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VIFF: Virtual Ideal Functionality Framework

This is a general framework for doing secure multi-party computations.
The aim is to offer a secure, fast basis for writing SMPC protocols.

Please see the INSTALL file for installation instructions. VIFF is
licensed under the GNU General Public License, please see the file
COPYING for details.

Current Status

The VIFF API currently offers the following features:

* arithmetic with shares from Zp or GF(2^8).
* secret sharing based on Shamir and PRSS.
* addition, multiplication, exclusive-or of shares.
* comparison of secret shared Zp inputs, with secret GF(2^8) output.
* all computations are symmetric and involve three or more players.

All operations are automatically scheduled to run in parallel meaning
that an operation starts as soon as the operands are ready.

The TODO file lists a number of ideas for future work.

Example Applications

The apps directory contains a number of example apps. They require
player configuration files to be generated in advance, use
apps/generate_config_files.py for that. Then execute three players,
starting with player 3, then 2 and finally 1.