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* YAML formatter now correctly only throws and exception when the yaml extension is NOT found.

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  * @package     Hg
  * @subpackage  Output
  * @author      Michael Gatto <>
- * @copyright   2009 Lisantra Technologies, LLC
+ * @copyright   2011 Lisantra Technologies, LLC
  * @license  MIT License
  * @link
+ * @filesource
 class VersionControl_Hg_Command_Output_Formatter
      * @param array $output is the passed-in, parsed output from the cli
     public function toYaml(array $output) {
-        if ( extension_loaded('yaml') ) {
+        if ( ! extension_loaded('yaml') ) {
             throw new VersionControl_Hg_Command_Exception(
                 "The required PECL Yaml extension is not installed. "
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