Michael Gatto committed c7da97d Merge

Merge pull request #6 from lornajane/platform-detect

Use PHP_OS rather than to guess platform

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         $executables = array();
         /* Set the binary name per platform */
-        //@todo use PHP_OS (best), php_uname('s'), $_SERVER['OS']
-        switch ($_SERVER['OS']) {
-            case 'Windows_NT':
-                $binary = 'hg.exe';
-                break;
-            default:
-                $binary = 'hg';
-                break;
+        if(substr(strtolower(PHP_OS), 0, 3) == "win") {
+            $binary = 'hg.exe';
+        } else {
+            $binary = 'hg';
         if (null !== $path) {
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