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<h2 class="file-name">/Hg/Container/Interface.php</h2>

<a name="sec-description"></a>
<div class="info-box">
	<div class="info-box-title">Description</div>
	<div class="nav-bar">
					<span class="disabled">Description</span> |
							<a href="#sec-classes">Classes</a>
	<div class="info-box-body">	
		<!-- ========== Info from phpDoc block ========= -->
<p class="short-description">Contains an interface definition</p>
<p class="description"><p>PHP version 5</p></p>
	<ul class="tags">
				<li><span class="field">author:</span> Michael Gatto &lt;<a href=""></a>&gt;</li>
				<li><span class="field">copyright:</span> 2011 Lisantra Technologies, LLC</li>
				<li><span class="field">link:</span> <a href=""></a></li>
				<li><span class="field">license:</span> <a href="">MIT License</a></li>
	<a name="sec-classes"></a>	
	<div class="info-box">
		<div class="info-box-title">Classes</div>
		<div class="nav-bar">
			<a href="#sec-description">Description</a> |
			<span class="disabled">Classes</span>
		<div class="info-box-body">	
			<table cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" class="class-table">
					<th class="class-table-header">Class</th>
					<th class="class-table-header">Description</th>
					<td style="padding-right: 2em; vertical-align: top">
						<a href="../../Hg/Container/VersionControl_Hg_Container_Interface.html">VersionControl_Hg_Container_Interface</a>
											Interface for Hg containers, such as repositories, working copies and bundles.

	<p class="notes" id="credit">
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