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The default branch has multiple heads

<refentry id="package.versioncontrol.hg.executable.versioncontrol-hg-executable.--get">
  <refpurpose>Get an unaccessible class property</refpurpose>
   <funcsynopsisinfo>require_once &apos;/Hg/Executable.php&apos;;</funcsynopsisinfo>
 <refsect1 id="package.versioncontrol.hg.executable.versioncontrol-hg-executable.--get.desc">
 <refsect1 id="package.versioncontrol.hg.executable.versioncontrol-hg-executable.--get.param">
      <para>The class property trying to be gotten</para>
 <refsect1 id="package.versioncontrol.hg.executable.versioncontrol-hg-executable.--get.throws">
   no exceptions thrown
 <refsect1 id="package.versioncontrol.hg.executable.versioncontrol-hg-executable.--get.note">
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