This class, Zend_Validate_Hash Checks if a given hash in hex format is indeed
a correctly formatted hash. The hash may be in either binary or hexadecimal 
formats. Various hashing algorithms are supported.


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|   \---User
|       \---src
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* Documentation
	- Contains auto-generated API documentation via PhpDocumentor, Reports of
	  code coverage, code sniffs, Php requirements plus compatibility, Testdox
	  and end user / tutorial documentation.
* Library
	- Contains the actual component along with abstract, interface and 
	  exception classes directly required by it so unit tests and scripts do
	  not fail.
* Scripts
	- Contains Build files for Phing, TypeFriendly package to generate
 	  user documentation from Markdown, and Webgrind which interprets profile
 	  data without requiring a desktop application.  
* Temp
	- Contains any temporary files; currently contains profile and tracing 
* Tests
	- Contains PhpUnit tests along with Fixtures which are currently ini files
	  to test configuring Zend_Validate_Hash via Zend_Config.