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Added a better explanation for the 'autoinit' db option. Side note: should that really be true by default?

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File user_guide/database/configuration.html

 <li><strong>char_set</strong> - The character set used in communicating with the database.</li>
 <li><strong>dbcollat</strong> - The character collation used in communicating with the database.</li>
 <li><strong>swap_pre</strong> - A default table prefix that should be swapped with <var>dbprefix</var>.  This is useful for distributed applications where you might run manually written queries, and need the prefix to still be customizable by the end user.</li>
-<li><strong>autoinit</strong> - Whether or not to automatically initialize the database.</li>
+<li><strong>autoinit</strong> - Whether or not to automatically connect to the database when the library loads. If set to false, the connection will take place prior to executing the first query.</li>
 <li><strong>stricton</strong> - TRUE/FALSE (boolean) - Whether to force "Strict Mode" connections, good for ensuring strict SQL while developing an application.</li>
 <li><strong>port</strong> - The database port number.  To use this value you have to add a line to the database config array.<code>$db['default']['port'] =  5432;</code>