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  HTRAF -- A Rapid Application Framework for HTSQL

HTRAF is a Javascript toolkit for embedding data into HTML pages.  HTRAF
uses HTSQL to fetch data from relational databases.

To start using HTRAF, copy the content of `htraf` directory to the root
of your website and add the script `/htraf/htraf.js` to your HTML pages.
For more information on HTRAF, see documentation in `doc` directory.
An example of a dynamic HTRAF page is located in `demo` directory.
        HTRAF homepage and documentation
        HTRAF source code
        HTSQL database query language

        IRC chat in #htsql on freenode
        The mailing list for users of HTSQL and HTRAF

HTRAF is copyright by Prometheus Research, LLC and released under dual
MIT/GPL license; see file `LICENSE` for more details.  HTRAF is written
by Owen McGettrick and Oleksiy Golovko.