autoupnp 0.4.4

(c) 2010 Michał Górny
Released under the terms of the 3-clause BSD license


The support for UPnP/IGD standards (and NAT-PMP) in open-source
applications isn't widely deployed. Although there are at least three
different open-source libraries providing quite a simple interfaces
to handle that, I can hardly mention an application using one of them.

I thought about starting to write patches to different applications
adding the support for UPnP. But that means adding a new dependency,
which many software authors don't like. And I still have to choose
between available libraries, meaning that the end-user could end up with
all of them, being used by a single application each.

That's why I've decided to write AutoUPnP -- a tool which automatically
adds and removes UPnP NAT entries as the ports are respectively being
open and closed.

autoupnp-0.4 branch

The original autoupnp branch deployed a shell script which did its job
using tools like netstat, diff and upnpc. It worked fine but it needed
to probe the open ports constantly which could be considered quite

The autoupnp-0.4 branch introduces completely rewritten AutoUPnP,
in a form of C preload library. It is meant to wrap around standard
POSIX socket functions, calling UPnP-capable IGD gateway whenever
an application starts or stops to listen on a specific IPv4 socket.

How to build

Please take a look at the 'INSTALL' doc.

How to use

AutoUPnP 0.4 is supposed to be used via's LD_PRELOAD mechanism. In
order to have the library preloaded, you'll probably want to use
the 'autoupnp' wrapper script. Call:

$ autoupnp --help

to take a short guide of the script.


In order to report a bug against AutoUPnP, please use the github issue