Michał Górny committed 8d9b8e0

Ignore xen kernel (don't report 'strangely named' for it).

We probably don't have to do anything about it, so let's just ignore it.

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 			realpaths = [os.path.realpath(x) for x in used]
 			prefix = re.compile(r'^/boot/(vmlinu[xz]|kernel|bzImage)-')
+			ignored = re.compile(r'^/boot/xen')
 			def unprefixify(filenames):
 				for fn in filenames:
 					if not os.path.exists(fn):
 						kv, numsubs = prefix.subn('', fn)
 						if numsubs == 1:
 							yield kv
-						else:
+						elif not ignored.match(fn):
 							print('Note: strangely named used kernel: %s' % fn)
 			used = frozenset(unprefixify(realpaths))