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Add a description.

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 from .kernel import find_kernels
 from .process import get_removal_list
+ecleankern_desc = '''
+Remove old kernel versions, keeping either N newest kernels (with -n)
+or only those which are referenced by a bootloader (with -a).
 def main(argv):
-	parser = OptionParser()
+	parser = OptionParser(description = ecleankern_desc.strip())
 	parser.add_option('-a', '--all',
 			dest='all', action='store_true', default=False,
 			help='Remove all kernels unless used by bootloader')
 			help='Destructive mode: remove kernels even when referenced by bootloader')
 	parser.add_option('-n', '--num',
 			dest='num', type='int', default=0,
-			help='Leave only newest NUM kernels')
+			help='Leave only newest NUM kernels (by mtime)')
 	parser.add_option('-p', '--pretend',
 			dest='pretend', action='store_true', default=False,
 			help='Print the list of kernels to be removed and exit')