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#	vim:fileencoding=utf-8
# (c) 2011 Michał Górny <>
# Released under the terms of the 2-clause BSD license.

from __future__ import print_function

import os, os.path, re

class RemovedKernelDict(dict):
	def add(self, k, reason):
		if k not in self:
			self[k] = ()
		self[k] += (reason,)

	def __iter__(self):
		return iter(self.items())

def remove_stray(kernels):
	""" Remove files for non-existing kernels (without vmlinuz). """
	for k in kernels:
		if k.vmlinuz is None:
			yield k

def get_removal_list(kernels, debug, limit = 0, bootloader = None, destructive = False):
	""" Get a list of outdated kernels to remove. With explanations. """

	debug.indent(heading = 'In get_removal_list()')

	out = RemovedKernelDict()
	for k in remove_stray(kernels):
		out.add(k, 'vmlinuz does not exist')
	if len(out) == len(kernels):
		raise SystemError('No vmlinuz found. This seems ridiculous, aborting.')

	if limit is None or limit > 0:
		if not destructive:
			if bootloader is None:
				raise SystemError('Unable to get kernels from bootloader config (%s)'
						% bootloader)

			used = bootloader()
			realpaths = [os.path.realpath(x) for x in used]

			prefix = re.compile(r'^/boot/(vmlinu[xz]|kernel|bzImage)-')
			def unprefixify(filenames):
				for fn in filenames:
					if not os.path.exists(fn):
						print('Note: referenced kernel does not exist: %s' % fn)
						kv, numsubs = prefix.subn('', fn)
						if numsubs == 1:
							yield kv
							print('Note: strangely named used kernel: %s' % fn)

			used = frozenset(unprefixify(realpaths))

		if limit is not None:
			ordered = sorted(kernels, key = lambda k: k.mtime, reverse = True)
			candidates = ordered[limit:]
			candidates = kernels

		for k in candidates:
			if destructive:
				out.add(k, 'unwanted')
			elif k.version not in used:
				out.add(k, 'not referenced by bootloader (%s)' %

	current = os.uname()[2]

	def not_current(kre):
		if kre[0].version == current:
			print('Preserving currently running kernel (%s)' % current)
			return False
		return True

	return list(filter(not_current, out))