Michał Górny  committed 8aef075

Catch InvalidAtom exception as well.

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File lib/flaggie/

 from portage import create_trees
 from portage.dbapi.dep_expand import dep_expand
-from portage.exception import AmbiguousPackageName
+from portage.exception import AmbiguousPackageName, InvalidAtom
 from flaggie import PV
 from flaggie.action import Action, ActionSet, ParserError
 					atom = dep_expand(a, mydb = dbapi, settings = settings)
 				except AmbiguousPackageName as e:
 					raise ParserError('ambiguous package name, matching: %s' % e)
+				except InvalidAtom as e:
+					raise ParserError('invalid package atom: %s' % e)
 				if atom.startswith('null/'):
 					raise ParserError('unable to determine the category (mistyped name?)')