Michał Górny avatar Michał Górny committed c80fd99

Automatically drop empty, modified entries.

Now entries for which all flags have been removed will be removed as
well implicitly during file writing -- there's no need for explicit
checks anymore.

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 			for ns in self.ns:
 				puse = pfiles[ns]
 				for p in pkgs:
-					for pe in list(puse[p]):
+					for pe in puse[p]:
 						for f in self.args:
 							del pe[f]
-						if not pe:
-							puse.remove(pe)
 	class output(BaseAction):
 		def __call__(self, pkgs, pfiles):


-			if not pe:
-				f.remove(pe)
 class SortEntries(BaseCleanupAction):
 	def _perform(self, f):


 			def __init__(self, l):
 				self.data = l
+			def __nonzero__(self):
+				return True
 			def toString(self):
 				return self.data
 			f = codecs.open(self.path, 'w', 'utf8')
 			for l in self:
-				f.write(l.toString())
+				if l:
+					f.write(l.toString())
 			for e in self:
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