Michał Górny committed e67a7bc

Support both package.accept_keywords and package.keywords.

Now we use the newly-introduced multi-path support to support both
package.accept_keywords and package.keywords within flaggie. Flaggie
should now behave like portage, preferring package.accept_keywords over

Currently, when none of the files exist, flaggie creates
package.accept_keywords by default. This behavior may change
in the future.

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File lib/flaggie/

 		p = lambda x: os.path.join(basedir, x)
 		self.files = {
 			'use': PackageFileSet(p('package.use')),
-			'kw': PackageKeywordsFileSet(p('package.keywords'), dbapi),
+			'kw': PackageKeywordsFileSet((p('package.keywords'),
+				p('package.accept_keywords')), dbapi),
 			'lic': PackageFileSet(p('package.license')),
 			'env': PackageFileSet(p('package.env'))