Michał Górny committed fa80d6b

Support '--drop-unmatched-pkgs' cleanup action.

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 # (C) 2010 Michał Górny <>
 # Released under the terms of the 3-clause BSD license.
+from portage.exception import AmbiguousPackageName, InvalidAtom
 class BaseCleanupAction(object):
 	def __init__(self, *args):
 		if args:
+class DropUnmatchedPkgs(BaseCleanupAction):
+	def _perform(self, f):
+		cache = {}
+		class AllMatcher(object):
+			def __eq__(self, other):
+				return True
+		am = AllMatcher()
+		for pe in f:
+			if pe.package not in cache:
+				try:
+					cache[pe.package] = bool(self._dbapi.xmatch('match-all', pe.package))
+				except (InvalidAtom, AmbiguousPackageName):
+					cache[pe.package] = False
+			# implicitly remove the package through removing all of its flags
+			if not cache[pe.package]:
+				del pe[am]
 class SortEntries(BaseCleanupAction):
 	def _perform(self, f):


 from flaggie import PV
 from flaggie.action import Action, ActionSet, ParserError, ParserWarning
 from flaggie.cache import Caches
-from flaggie.cleanup import DropIneffective, SortEntries, SortFlags
+from flaggie.cleanup import DropIneffective, DropUnmatchedPkgs, \
+		SortEntries, SortFlags
 from flaggie.packagefile import PackageFiles
 def parse_actions(args, dbapi, settings, quiet = False, strict = False):
 	--sort-flags		Sort package.* flags by name
 	--sort			Shorthand for --sort-entries and --sort-flags
 	--cleanup		Shorthand for --drop-ineffective and --sort
+	--drop-unmatched-pkgs	Drop packages which no longer are available
+				in portdb
 Global actions are applied to the make.conf file. Actions are applied to
 the package.* files, for the packages preceding them.
+			elif a == '--drop-unmatched-pkgs':
+				cleanup_actions.add(DropUnmatchedPkgs)
 			elif a == '--':
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