Michał Górny committed 0976812

Migrate PMRequiredUseAtom to new StringCompat.

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 from abc import abstractmethod, abstractproperty
-from ..util import ABCObject, StringCompat2
+from ..util import ABCObject, StringCompat
-class PMRequiredUseAtom(StringCompat2):
+class PMRequiredUseAtom(StringCompat):
 	An atom for C{REQUIRED_USE} specification.
-	def __init__(self, s):
-		self._blocks = s.startswith('!')
-		if self._blocks:
+	def __new__(self, s):
+		rua = StringCompat.__new__(self, s)
+		rua._blocks = s.startswith('!')
+		if rua._blocks:
 			s = s[1:]
-		self._flag = s
+		rua._flag = s
+		return rua
 	def name(self):
 		return not self._blocks
-	def __str__(self):
-		return '%s%s' % ('!' if self._blocks else '',
 class PMBaseDep(ABCObject):
 	Base class for a dependency list holder.
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