Michał Górny  committed 712ead9

Drop CATEGORY from package metadata.

Please use .atom.key.category instead.

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File gentoopm/basepm/

 	# magic ebuild-defined vars (PMS 7.4)
-	# other useful ebuild vars
 """ A common supported metadata key list. """

File gentoopm/paludispm/

 			raise NotImplementedError('Parsing %s is not supported yet.' % key)
 			return str(m)
-	@property
-	def CATEGORY(self):
-		return str(

File gentoopm/portagepm/

 # (c) 2011 Michał Górny <>
 # Released under the terms of the 2-clause BSD license.
-from portage.versions import cpv_getkey, cpv_getversion, vercmp, \
-		catsplit
+from portage.versions import cpv_getkey, cpv_getversion, vercmp
 from gentoopm.basepm.metadata import PMPackageMetadata
 from gentoopm.basepm.pkg import PMPackage
 			raise AttributeError('Unsupported metadata key: %s' % key)
 		return self._dbapi.aux_get(self._cpv, [key])[0]
-	@property
-	def CATEGORY(self):
-		return catsplit(self._cpv)[0]
 class PortageMetadata(PortageDBMetadata):
 	def __init__(self, cpv, dbapi, tree):
 		PortageDBMetadata.__init__(self, cpv, dbapi)

File gentoopm/tests/

 	def test_metadata_dict_attr(self):
 		""" Check whether metadata is accessible with dict & attrs. """
 		for p in self._pkgs:
 			for k in mks:
 				self.assertEqual(p.metadata[k], getattr(p.metadata, k))