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Drop StringCompat from PMPackageDescription.

Right now, we require users to explcitily request .short or .long

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 	def __hash__(self):
 		return hash((str(self), self.state))
-class PMPackageDescription(ABCObject, StringCompat):
+class PMPackageDescription(ABCObject):
 	Description of a package.
-	def __str__(self):
-		"""
-		Stringify to the best package description. In other words, long package
-		description if available, short otherwise.
-		@returns: best package description
-		@rtype: string
-		"""
-		return str(self.long or self.short)
 class PMUseFlag(ABCObject, StringCompat):
 	A base class for a USE flag supported by a package.


 		for p in self._pkgs:
-	def test_description(self):
-		""" Check whether description works as expected. """
-		for p in self._pkgs:
-			self.assertEqual(str(p.description),
-					p.description.long if p.description.long is not None
-					else p.description.short)
 	def test_inherits(self):
 		""" Check whether inherits are an iterable of stringifiables. """
 		for p in self._pkgs:
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