Michał Górny committed 7cb9227

Return None in .maintainers when not supported.

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 	def maintainers(self):
-		Get the package maintainer list.
+		Get the package maintainer list (or C{None} if unavailable).
-		@type: tuple(L{PMPackageMaintainer})
+		@type: tuple(L{PMPackageMaintainer})/C{None}


+	def maintainers(self):
+		# XXX: find_metadata() + magic
+		return None
+	@property
 	def _atom(self):
 		return self._pkg.uniquely_identifying_spec()


+	def maintainers(self):
+		return None
+	@property
 	def slotted_atom(self):
 		cp = str(self.key)
 		slot = self.slot
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