Michał Górny avatar Michał Górny committed 80949d9

Add a test for USEflag listing.

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 	single_complete = 'app-shells/bash'
 	""" Complete atom matching a single package. """
+	single_use = 'nls'
+	""" A USEflag which should be available on the package above. """
 	multiple = 'pms'
 	""" Incomplete atom matching multiple packages. """


 		f = next(iter(p.contents))
 		self.assertTrue(f in p.contents)
+	def test_use(self):
+		""" Test .use. """
+		p = self._inst_pkg
+		fl = PackageNames.single_use
+		self.assertTrue(fl in p.use)
 	def tearDown(self):
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