Michał Górny avatar Michał Górny committed f58c579

Fix compatibility with pkgcore-0.8.4 API.

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 	def installed(self):
-		return PkgCoreInstalledRepo(self._domain.named_repos['vdb'],
-				self._domain)
+		try:
+			repos = self._domain.repos_raw
+		except AttributeError:
+			repos = self._domain.named_repos
+		return PkgCoreInstalledRepo(repos['vdb'], self._domain)
 	def Atom(self):


 	def __iter__(self):
 			trees = self._domain.named_repos['repo-stack'].trees
-		except KeyError: # pkgcore-0.7.5+
+		except (KeyError, AttributeError): # pkgcore-0.7.5+
 			def _match_ebuild_repos(x):
 				return isinstance(x, UnconfiguredTree)
-			trees = filter(_match_ebuild_repos,
-					self._domain.named_repos.values())
+			try:
+				all_repos = self._domain.repos_raw
+			except AttributeError:
+				all_repos = self._domain.named_repos
+			trees = filter(_match_ebuild_repos, all_repos.values())
 			rev = -1
 			rev = 1
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