gx86-working-tree / gx86 / profiles / use.local.desc

# This file is deprecated as per GLEP 56 in favor of metadata.xml. Please add
# your descriptions to your package's metadata.xml ONLY.
# * generated automatically using egencache *

app-admin/salt:jinja - Add support to use dev-python/jinja to parse Salt states.
app-admin/salt:libvirt - Support managing virtual machines with app-emulation/libvirt.
app-admin/salt:mongodb - Support returning data to a mongodb server.
app-admin/salt:openssl - Add support for using TLS via OpenSSL.
app-admin/salt:redis - Support returning data to a redis database.
app-arch/libzpaq:jit - Enable just-in-time compilation for faster compression (requires SSE2)
app-portage/gentoolkit:minimal - Install only the gentoolkit core code.
app-text/pelican:markdown - Markdown support
dev-java/jython:readline - Use GNU readline instead of jline
dev-java/jython:servletapi - Add optional support for servlet-api
dev-lang/python:threads - Enable threading support. (DON'T DISABLE THIS UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING)
dev-lang/python:wide-unicode - Enable wide Unicode implementation which uses 4-byte Unicode characters. Switching of this USE flag changes ABI of Python and requires reinstallation of many Python modules. (DON'T DISABLE THIS UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING)
dev-lang/python:wininst - Install Windows executables required to create an executable installer for MS Windows.
dev-libs/boost:debug - Build and install debug versions of the Boost libraries. These libraries are not used by default, and should not be used unless you're developing against Boost.
dev-libs/boost:eselect - Run "eselect boost update" even if version is already selected
dev-libs/boost:tools - Build and install the boost tools (bcp, quickbook, inspect, wave)
dev-python/PyFoam:extras - Enable optional dependencies
dev-python/PyQt4:X - Build QtGui, QtDesigner and QtScriptTools modules
dev-python/PyQt4:assistant - Build QtHelp and QtAssistant modules
dev-python/PyQt4:declarative - Build QtDeclarative module
dev-python/PyQt4:kde - Select media-libs/phonon as Phonon variant (needed for KDE)
dev-python/PyQt4:multimedia - Build QtMultimedia module
dev-python/PyQt4:opengl - Build QtOpenGL module
dev-python/PyQt4:phonon - Build phonon module
dev-python/PyQt4:sql - Build QtSql module
dev-python/PyQt4:svg - Build QtSvg module
dev-python/PyQt4:webkit - Build QtWebKit module
dev-python/PyQt4:xmlpatterns - Build QtXmlPatterns module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:contacts - Build bindings for the QtContacts module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:feedback - Build bindings for the QtFeedback module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:gallery - Build bindings for the QtGallery module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:location - Build bindings for the QtLocation module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:messaging - Build bindings for the QtMessaging module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:multimedia - Build bindings for the QtMultimediaKit module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:organizer - Build bindings for the QtOrganizer module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:publishsubscribe - Build bindings for the QtPublishSubscribe module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:sensors - Build bindings for the QtSensors module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:serviceframework - Build bindings for the QtServiceFramework module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:systeminfo - Build bindings for the QtSystemInfo module
dev-python/PyQtMobility:versit - Build bindings for the QtVersit module
dev-python/amqplib:extras - Install extra tools to generate initial Python mod from an AMQP XML file
dev-python/anyvc:bazaar - Add support for Bazaar
dev-python/anyvc:git - Add support for Git
dev-python/anyvc:mercurial - Add support for Mercurial
dev-python/atpy:fits - Enable support for reading and FITS with dev-python/pyfits.
dev-python/atpy:votable - Enable support for reading and VOTABLE with dev-python/vo.
dev-python/bpython:urwid - Backend based on dev-python/urwid
dev-python/celery:sql - Adds SQL support
dev-python/cgkit:3ds - Enable support for importing 3D Studio models
dev-python/cvxopt:dsdp - Use interior point library sci-libs/dsdp
dev-python/cvxopt:glpk - Use GNU Linear Programming Kit sci-mathematics/glpk
dev-python/cython:numpy - Enable support for dev-python/numpy
dev-python/dap:server - Enable OpenDAP server support
dev-python/django-extensions:graphviz - Create a diagram of your database entity relationships using dev-python/pygraphviz.
dev-python/django-extensions:s3 - Upload your media files to S3.
dev-python/django-extensions:vcard - Export your users email addresses to the vcard format.
dev-python/django-tastypie:bip - An optional serialiser dev-python/biplist
dev-python/django-tastypie:digest - Library to aid in implementing HTTP Digest Authentication
dev-python/django-tastypie:lxml - An optional serialiser dev-python/lxml
dev-python/django-tastypie:oauth - Adds OAuth authentication support
dev-python/django-tastypie:yaml - An optional serialiser dev-python/yaml
dev-python/docutils:glep - Install support for GLEPs
dev-python/icalendar:doc - Generate examples and other extra documentation
dev-python/ipython:matplotlib - Add support for dev-python/matplotlib
dev-python/ipython:mongodb - Enable support for MongoDB via dev-python/pymongo
dev-python/ipython:notebook - Install requirements for the web notebook based on www-servers/tornado
dev-python/ipython:octave - Enable octave bridge via dev-python/oct2py
dev-python/jinja:i18n - Enables support for i18n with dev-python/Babel
dev-python/kaa-base:tls - SSL/TLS support via dev-python/tlslite
dev-python/ldaptor:web - enable the web front end for ldaptor (uses dev-python/nevow)
dev-python/markdown:pygments - Enable fancy pygments support
dev-python/matplotlib:excel - Pull dev-python/xlwt for the exceltools toolkit
dev-python/matplotlib:gtk3 - Use x11-libs/gtk+:3 instead of x11-libs/gtk+:2
dev-python/matplotlib:traits - Pull dev-python/traits for the experimental enthought traits support
dev-python/mpmath:matplotlib - Add support for dev-python/matplotlib
dev-python/netaddr:cli - Enable netaddr shell with dev-python/ipython
dev-python/nose:coverage - Utilize dev-python/coverage
dev-python/numexpr:mkl - Enable support for Intel Vector Math Library, part of sci-libs/mkl.
dev-python/pandas:R - Enable support for R via dev-python/rpy
dev-python/pandas:excel - Pull a few Python packages Microsoft Excel i/o
dev-python/paste:flup - enable support for flup (and therefore for various wgsi servers and middleware)
dev-python/paste:openid - enable OpenID support
dev-python/psycopg:mxdatetime - Enable support for MX DateTime and use it instead of Python's built-in datetime module
dev-python/pygobject:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
dev-python/pylons:genshi - Add optional genshi support
dev-python/pylons:jinja - Add optional jinja support
dev-python/pymongo:mod_wsgi - Disable the C extension to work with mod_wsgi.
dev-python/pypax:ptpax - Enable PT_PAX_FLAGS support.
dev-python/pypax:xtpax - Enable XATTR_PAX_FLAGS support.
dev-python/pypy:sandbox - Enable sandboxing functionality
dev-python/pypy:shadowstack - Use a shadow stack for finding GC roots
dev-python/pyside:X - Build QtGui, QtDesigner, QtTest and QtUiTools modules
dev-python/pyside:declarative - Build QtDeclarative module
dev-python/pyside:help - Build QtHelp module
dev-python/pyside:kde - Select media-libs/phonon as Phonon variant (needed for KDE)
dev-python/pyside:multimedia - Build QtMultimedia module
dev-python/pyside:opengl - Build QtOpenGL module
dev-python/pyside:phonon - Build phonon module
dev-python/pyside:script - Build QtScript module
dev-python/pyside:scripttools - Build QtScriptTools module
dev-python/pyside:sql - Build QtSql module
dev-python/pyside:svg - Build QtSvg module
dev-python/pyside:webkit - Build QtWebKit module
dev-python/pyside:xmlpatterns - Build QtXmlPatterns module
dev-python/pytables:contrib - Install user-contributed files
dev-python/pyudev:pygobject - Install PyGobject binding
dev-python/pyudev:pyqt4 - Install PyQt4 binding
dev-python/pyudev:pyside - Install PySide binding
dev-python/pyyaml:libyaml - enable libyaml support
dev-python/pyzor:pyzord - enable support for pyzord
dev-python/rdflib:redland - enable support for Redland triplestore
dev-python/restkit:cli - Install the restcli command line interface/tool, based on dev-python/ipython
dev-python/scrapy:boto - Add support for Amazon S3 via dev-python/boto
dev-python/scrapy:ibl - Use Instace Based Learning alrogirithm for automatic extraction
dev-python/spyder:ipython - Add support for dev-python/ipython
dev-python/spyder:matplotlib - Add support for dev-python/matplotlib
dev-python/spyder:numpy - Add support for dev-python/numpy
dev-python/spyder:pep8 - Add support for dev-python/pep8
dev-python/spyder:pyflakes - Add support for dev-python/pyflakes
dev-python/spyder:pylint - Add support for dev-python/pylint
dev-python/spyder:rope - Add support for dev-python/rope
dev-python/spyder:scipy - Add support for sci-libs/scipy
dev-python/spyder:sphinx - Add support for dev-python/sphinx
dev-python/starcluster:epydoc - Enable build of apidocs in html using epydoc
dev-python/sympy:imaging - Add support for dev-python/imaging
dev-python/sympy:ipython - Add support for dev-python/ipython
dev-python/sympy:mathml - Add support for mathml
dev-python/sympy:pyglet - Use dev-python/pyglet for plots and print preview
dev-python/sympy:texmacs - Add app-office/texmacs interface
dev-python/translate-toolkit:html - Support conversion between po and html files
dev-python/translate-toolkit:ical - Support conversion between po and ical files
dev-python/translate-toolkit:ini - Support conversion between po and ini files
dev-python/translate-toolkit:subtitles - Support conversion between po and sub files
dev-python/twisted:serial - include serial port support
dev-python/vatnumber:vies - Enable VIES
dev-python/ws4py:client - Install client modules
dev-python/ws4py:server - Install server modules
dev-python/wxpython:doc - Install HTML wxWidgets docs and wxpython API reference.
dev-python/wxpython:examples - Install interactive demo module browser and sample applets.
dev-python/zsi:twisted - add support for dev-python/twisted
dev-util/coccigrep:vim - Install the coccigrep vim plugin
kde-misc/synaptiks:upower - Handle mouse devices correctly across suspend and resume with upower
media-libs/mediastreamer:amr - Use of AMR Narrow Band codec plugin
media-libs/mediastreamer:g726 - Support g726 codec
media-libs/mediastreamer:g729 - Use g726 codec plugin
media-libs/mediastreamer:ilbc - Use of iLBC (RFC3951) codec plugin
media-libs/mediastreamer:silk - Use silk (skype protocol) codec plugin
media-libs/mediastreamer:video - Enable video support
media-plugins/mediastreamer-ilbc:20ms-frames - enable 20ms frame size (default is 30ms). Some VOIP providers such as Gizmo5 (aka Sipphone) require the codec to be compiled with the 30ms setting.
net-dns/bind:dlz - Enables dynamic loaded zones, 3rd party extension
net-dns/bind:filter-aaaa - Enable filtering of AAAA records over IPv4
net-dns/bind:gost - Enables gost OpenSSL engine support
net-dns/bind:gssapi - Enable gssapi support
net-dns/bind:rpz - Enable response policy rewriting (rpz)
net-dns/bind:rrl - Response Rate Limiting (RRL) - Experimental
net-dns/bind:sdb-ldap - Enables ldap-sdb backend
net-dns/bind:urandom - Use /dev/urandom instead of /dev/random
net-dns/resolvconf-symlink:symlink - Actually replace /etc/resolv.conf with a symlink. Without this flag, the ebuild is a no-op.
net-im/ekg2:gadu - Enable Gadu-Gadu protocol support (requires net-libs/libgadu).
net-im/ekg2:gif - GIF token support for Gadu-Gadu protocol.
net-im/ekg2:gnutls - Enable SSL/TLS support through GnuTLS for the plugins supporting it. If 'ssl' is enabled too, GnuTLS will be preferred where possible (and OpenSSL will be used elsewhere).
net-im/ekg2:gpg - Enable jabber message encryption through app-crypt/gpgme.
net-im/ekg2:inotify - Enable inotify-based filesystem moniotoring support for xmsg&mail plugins.
net-im/ekg2:jpeg - JPEG token support for Gadu-Gadu protocol.
net-im/ekg2:oracle - Support logging messages into Oracle database.
net-im/ekg2:sqlite - Support logging messages into SQLite2 database. If 'sqlite3' is set too, it will be used instead.
net-im/ekg2:sqlite3 - Support logging messages into SQLite3 database. If 'sqlite' is set too, SQLite3 will be used.
net-im/ekg2:ssl - Enable the complete SSL/TLS support through OpenSSL. This also enables the 'sim' plugin which relies on OpenSSL.
net-libs/ccrtp:gcrypt - Prefer libgcrypt over libssl for SRTP (default).
net-libs/libproxy:gnome - Enable support for reading proxy settings from GNOME
net-libs/libproxy:kde - Enable support for reading proxy settings from KDE
net-libs/libproxy:spidermonkey - Use libmozjs from dev-lang/spidermonkey for PAC parsing
net-libs/libproxy:webkit - Use libjavascriptcoregtk from net-libs/webkit-gtk for PAC parsing
net-libs/ortp:srtp - Add support for Secure RTP
net-voip/linphone:gsm-nonstandard - Support non-standard GSM frequencies
net-voip/linphone:video - Enable video support (display/capture)
sys-apps/kmod:tools - Install module loading/unloading tools.
sys-apps/systemd:audit - Enable support for sys-process/audit
sys-apps/systemd:cryptsetup - Use libcryptsetup
sys-apps/systemd:gcrypt - Enable sealing of journal files using gcrypt
sys-apps/systemd:http - Enable embedded HTTP server in journald
sys-apps/systemd:kmod - Enable kernel module loading via sys-apps/kmod
sys-apps/systemd:qrcode - Enable qrcode output support in journal
sys-apps/systemd:vanilla - Disable Gentoo-specific behavior and compatibility quirks
sys-devel/clang:multitarget - Build all host targets (default: host only)
sys-devel/clang:static-analyzer - Install the Clang static analyzer
sys-devel/clang:system-cxx-headers - By default, clang++ searchs for C++ headers in a series of hardcoded paths. Enabling this flag will force it to use the active gcc profile ones
sys-devel/llvm:gold - Build the gold linker plugin
sys-devel/llvm:llvm-gcc - Build LLVM with sys-devel/llvm-gcc
sys-devel/llvm:multitarget - Build all host targets (default: host only)
sys-devel/llvm:udis86 - Enable support for dev-libs/udis86 disassembler library
sys-fs/s3ql:contrib - Install additional contributed scripts
sys-fs/udev:action_modeswitch - switch Mobile Action cables into serial mode
sys-fs/udev:devfs-compat - Install rules for devfs compatible device names
sys-fs/udev:edd - create /dev/disk/by-id/edd-* links for BIOS EDD data
sys-fs/udev:extras - Compile udev-extras requiring external dependencies
sys-fs/udev:floppy - create historical floppy kernel device nodes (/dev/fd0h1440, ...)
sys-fs/udev:gudev - enable libudev gobject interface
sys-fs/udev:hwdb - read vendor/device string database and add it to udev database
sys-fs/udev:introspection - Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
sys-fs/udev:keymap - map custom hardware's multimedia keys
sys-fs/udev:kmod - enable udev to load kernel modules
sys-fs/udev:old-hd-rules - Install rules for /dev/hd* devices, removed upstream at udev-148
sys-fs/udev:openrc - install the OpenRC init scripts
sys-fs/udev:rule_generator - enable persistent network and optical device rule generator
virtual/udev:gudev - Build and install gudev support
virtual/udev:hwdb - Build and install hwdb support
virtual/udev:introspection - Build and install introspection support
virtual/udev:keymap - Build and install keymap support
www-client/elinks:bittorrent - Enable support for the BitTorrent protocol
www-client/elinks:finger - Enable support for the finger protocol
www-client/elinks:gopher - Enable support for the gopher protocol
www-client/elinks:mouse - Make elinks to grab all mouse events
www-client/opera-next:gtk - Install support libraries and runtime dependencies to support GTK+/GNOME desktop integration
www-client/opera-next:kde - Install support libraries and runtime dependencies to support KDE desktop integration
x11-apps/xdm:consolekit - Enable native sys-auth/consolekit support
x11-misc/redshift:geoclue - Control dependency on app-misc/geoclue